Pile Hoist;
1- By keeping the platform height at the desired level, the operator is able to work efficiently.
2- In two different modes; used in both loading and unloading operations.

HD and HS combination; helps you organize your stacks faster and more efficiently.

• Along with cutters, which are frequently used in printing facilities,
• Along with the crimping and folding machines,
• With manual machines after printing,
• Loading and press tape outputs of folding and gluing machines in Cardboard Packaging facilities,
• With automatic packaging lines of sectors such as Food, Packaging, Spare Parts,
• In the packaging and shipping units of the factories,

It can be transported as desired thanks to its structure suitable for transport with a pallet truck or forklift.
Operator-specific working heights thanks to adjustable sensor position
Loading and unloading process with bi-directional operating mode
Automatic, semi-automatic and manual working options